11th Oct 2019

Welcome to Purple Owl Creations Australia!

Purple Owl Creations Australia is open for business!

I am so excited to bring this out into the world....but what exactly IS Purple Owl Creations Australia? It's a store where I can sell creations that  I have made.

It started when I couldn't find some exact enamel pins that I was looking for, so I  decided to design my own.  I enjoyed this so much that I decided to make them available to everyone.  They are currently in production (release date November TBA) and I can't wait for everyone to see them.  

While my pins were in production I wanted something else to do, so I did something I've wanted to do for a while - make my own candles! I have been busy testing out some wooden wicks along with some soy wax and am very happy with my final product. I wanted my candles to be customisable and something that my customer truly wants so my candles are fully customisable (you are able to choose the scent, colour and wick of your candle...and you're even able to change the scent name if you'd like!)

There is a lot more happening behind the scenes....more creations!

I can't wait to share it with you!

Until next time,

Ashleigh :)