Taylor Swift Inspired Valentines Treat Boxes


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The perfect valentines gift for a Swiftie doesn’t exis- yes it does!

Happy Valentines Scents:
Lover - Top Notes: Passionfruit, Lime, Middle Notes: Raspberry, Orange, Base Notes: Rose, Melon.

Lavender Haze - Lavender Marshmallow.

Taylor’s Chai Sugar Cookies - Chai Sugar Cookies.

Sweet Nothings - Cherry Pie.

Anti Valentines Scents:
All Too Well 10 Minute Version - Freshly Baked Apple Pie.

You’re On Your Own Kid - Vanilla Sugar, Coconut Milk, White Musk.

Champagne Problems - Citrus, Effervescence, Vanilla.

That Ain’t My Merlot On His Mouth - Grape Soda.