What’s Your Number Bath & Body Box


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What's Your Number? 
have you heard of the Bristol Stool Chart? If you've had a hospital stay before then you've probably been shown the chart and asked the number. 

This bath and body is inspired by this chart and 10% of each box will be donated to the Ostomy Association of Western Australia. 


Type 1: separate hard lumps - Solid Sugar Scrub 25g 

Scent: Vanilla bean cookie

Type 2: lumpy and sausage like - Marshmallow Soap 25g

Scent: Eat that cake

Type 3: sausage shape with cracks in the surface - Bubble Dough 50g 

Scent: Lady Katrina

-50g jar $5

Type 4: like a smooth sausage or snake - Cold Process Soap 100g

Scent: Lollie Shop

Type 5: soft blobs with clear cut edges - Whipped Soap 50g 

Scent: French Lavender 

Type 6: mushy consistency with ragged edges - Spa in a Jar 50g 

Scent: Rose and geranium 

Type 7: liquid consistency with no solid pieces - Jelly and Custard Dessert 50g

Scent: Dulce de leche 


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